What Are Different Extrusion Heat Sink Profiles?


With the passage of time, every device and equipment needs to be improved for better efficiency and the removal of any undesirable effects. The same happened in the case of heat sinks. In the past, we had a single type and form of heat sink but now we have different types of heat sinks of different materials and different forms.

One of the most advanced heat sinks is one which is formed by extrusion. It is also known as an aluminum extrusion heat sink. These heat sinks come with a lot of heat sink extrusion profiles. You can find more about the extrusion heat sinks and their different available profiles below.

Introduction to Heat Sink Extrusion

The extruded heat sinks are available in beautiful designs. They are light in weight and have a good ability to dissipate heat. They are also known as heat sinks that are responsible for providing the effect of energy saving.


For the extrusion purpose, the heat sinks go through the extrusion technology at high temperatures which are mostly up to 540 degrees Celsius and very high pressure. Mostly the heat extrusion occurs in aluminum and when the aluminum phase has such a high temperature and pressure it will change into a flowing liquid that can be molded with grooves.

After that, the heat sink is cut into the shape and size that will see in the case of aluminum extruded heat sinks.

Different Profiles of Extruded Heat Sinks

Heat sinks can be found in different profiles based on the availability of the films or pins or the size. Some of its main Profiles are described below:

Slant Fin

These types of heat sinks have some extra surface area so we can say that they have high performance as the availability of large fin-to-fin space. These are also fabricated with the aluminum so they are light in weight and have very less thermal resistance from the base.

Pin Fin

The devices where adequate airflow is available Pin Fin extruded heat sinks are the best option. It contains properties related to low pressure. This type of heat sink has overall improved working because of the good surface area provided by the pins and the base.

Straight Fin

As compared to other general heat sinks these types of heat sinks have more density in the given space. The fins are present in a straight tall design that takes less footprint space; this will not only save the space level but also improve thermal performance.

LED Star

LED extruded heat sinks are famous in the world because of their ability to save energy. Just like any semiconductor device these heat sinks also work based on temperature sensitivity. If the temperature is high it will call degradation and light is emitted from the LED. These heat sinks are able to cool down the LED lights for their proper working.

Why Is Extrusion Done In Aluminum?

As mentioned earlier most aluminum is selected for extrusion purposes. Because aluminum is the best available option that can easily be extruded. Additionally, one of the main reasons why aluminum is extruded is because of its low cost.

For years it has been used in the low-end market. In aluminum, Al6063 is the material that is mostly used for the creation of extruded heat sinks because of its good machinability and thermal conductivity.

Additionally, there are many advantages that come with aluminum extruded heat sinks. Such as these types of heat sinks are cost-saving and more efficient. These are available in different sizes and shapes and it has been found they have good thermal properties.


There are different types of heat sinks available based on their structure, shape, and manufacturing. One of the advanced and efficient types is the extruded heat sink. They are also available in different profiles like slant fin, pin fin, straight fin, or star. So it is up to you to choose what is best.

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